Access Oh OH!

How hard could it be taking a little baby to her access visit with her bio-mum?

Put baby in car…check.

Baby falls asleep in car…check.

Find a park over the road from the office…check.

Carry little cutie pie to office….check.

Bump into Bio-Mum out the front…Oh Oh!

This was my first access drop off and you can’t imagine how I felt when this strange lady yells out, “that’s my baby!”

My reply, “well, it’s a baby, I’m not sure if it’s yours.”

Turns out, yes it is.

Someone from inside the office came out to rescue us (we were early and the door was locked) so we didn’t have to stand outside together.

I dropped off little “Jade” and was told I could pick her up from the foyer.

Ok, so in my head I’m thinking they’ll bring out bubs WITHOUT mum and guess what…I was wrong again.

Mum seemed genuinely happy to meet me. Shook my hand, introduced herself, seemed nice enough.

But still, it would have been nice to have had a warning. I thought that they tried to keep foster carers and bio’s separate for privacy and safety.

I called my Support Worker (not “Angel” at the moment, she’s on holiday) and let her know what had happened so she could follow up on it for me.

Result. Seems Bio-Mum is happy to meet me, and is ok with me looking after her little girl as they are working towards reunification and she is planning on getting her back. So, I will continue to meet with mum at access and I’m even going to make her a little brag book of photos that she can keep with her.

Access is daily but I take her a couple of times a week and the department collect her the other days.

Next stage in our adventure?

Well, “Jade” was initially going to be here for 9 days as a respite placement, but yesterday the case was in court and we may end up with “Jade” as short term placement (into the new year). Waiting to find out today. The wait is killing me!


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