Drought or flood

The climate is often a drought or a flood.
All or nothing.

It seems our foster care journey is the same.

For over 15 years I’ve been waiting for a baby in my life.

Now we have little “Jade” for a while and just yesterday we were called and asked if we could also take in a little man for 10 days.

How old is the little man? 10 months!!

Oh my lordy…no babies for sooooooo long and now they are asking if I can manage 2 littlies.

Sadly we did have to say no to the placement.


Well, we would have had to have bought another baby car seat and a double stroller and potentially a bigger car!

For a 10 day respite placement that was a big financial outlay not to mention “Kelly” is here for respite this weekend. That would have been so much work with the three of them.

I couldn’t even imagine “Angel’s” response when she gets back from holiday later this week if she’d found out I have 2 babies and “Kelly”. I’m hoping that she will agree that we’ve made the right decision by not taking on too much all at once.


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