Baby Brain

Have you ever experienced ‘baby brain’?

I always thought it was something to do with the changing hormones in a woman’s body that caused ‘baby brain’ but I think I have it.

When trying to shop with baby “Jade” I have my list in my head right up until I look down in that sweet cherubic little face and then Whoosh, everything I needed is gone from my head and all I can think about is the gorgeous little bundle in my arms.

I told the nurse at the clinic yesterday when “Jade” had her 2-4 week check up during our little chat about how I’m going being a new ‘mum’ and what supports I have, and she laughed and told me it isn’t baby brain. It’s love.

Well, I’m pleased I don’t have baby brain, and it’s true, I love this little lady. It’s certainly going to be very hard when the time comes to say goodbye.

What’s your favourite ‘baby brain’ story?


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