The Baby Diaries. Part 1

Hi. I’m “Jade” and the milk lady thinks it would be fun for me to keep a diary while I am staying with them so I thought I’d tell you about the jokes I like to play.

Last night I was hungry so I called out to the milk lady. She’s pretty good about jumping out of bed anytime of the night and getting me a bottle. I love when she picks me up because I know milk is coming soon, so I settle down in her arms, until….I hear the machine that goes Beeeeeep. Once that machine goes Beep I know my bottle is almost ready, the milk lady just needs to add the formula and shake it for me, but I get the wiggles and start to cry because the machine has gone Beep and that bottle just can’t come soon enough.

It was after my 1 am feed when the milk lady was changing my nappy that I played my favourite joke on her, I did a wee as soon as she took off my nappy. That joke never gets old. I try to do it to her at least once a day. She’s a good sport, it’s a little game to see if she can get a nappy on me before there’s mess everywhere.  But this time I went one step further, I had reflux….all over the place. I covered me, the change area and of course the milk lady picked me up, so her too.

I got new jammies and lots of cuddles, and then I fell asleep while milk lady had to clean everything up.

Ah, the joy of being a baby. I get carried everywhere and the milk lady and man always have a bottle for me when I want it, I get as many cuddles as I want and I can make as much wind as I like and they love it. Does it get any better?


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