Role Reversals

How do they do it?

For 2 years we’ve been providing respite for children in care.

For 2 years no carer has called us to see how they’re going.

How do they not call?

If your child has challenging behaviours wouldn’t you call to see that the respite carers are ok in case they need some advice?

Now, the shoe is on the other foot and we had to get respite for little miss “Jade”.

I’ve had a crazy 3 days of work with a music festival I manage. Long days with rehearsals and performances in the evenings, so respite was the only option for us with a newborn.

I cried before “Jade” was out of the driveway.

I’ve woken up at 3 am each night she has been gone for feed time with a baby not there.

I’m now counting down the minutes until she returns home.

And in all of this, I did ask if the respite carer could call me and let me know how she was going, but sadly no call.

I did hear from “Jade’s” social worker who said that she was doing well, sleeping well and was a little angel, but it’s not the same as hearing from the woman looking after baby herself.

I would have called her, but wasn’t given her details, I know she had mine, I sent them in her travel passport in case of emergency.

It’s been a long 3 days. Not just the work, but also in my down time (what there was of it) wondering how ‘our’ little girl was going.

I just can’t wait for her to get home.

I just hope I don’t burst into tears when they drop her off.

Have you ever put a child into respite care?

How do you cope?



2 thoughts on “Role Reversals

  1. I did use respite when I first got the girls and it was hard. I was fortunate though in that the care giver let me talk to them or updated me each time I called. It is tough but you will have her soon!!

    • I wasn’t given her number, so I can’t call, and she didn’t call when she had her, but, she did use the folder I sent along and filled out the section about how the three days went.
      Sadly, she didn’t add her contact details in the contacts section.
      Oh well. Baby is home now and tucked up in bed

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