The Baby Diaries. Part 3

I’m home from my holiday.

The lady that looked after me while the milk lady had to work said I was a perfect angel.

So what was the first thing I did to the milk lady? Yep. Let one rip when she changed my nappy. I’m saving the wee joke until she’s least expecting it, maybe in the middle of the night, that always gets a giggle.

I was only gone a few days and the milk lady was hugging and kissing me like I’d been gone for ages.

We had a concert to go to the afternoon I came home. Milk lady had to wave her arms around while some kids sang songs, or so I’m told. Music always makes me sleepy, so I slept through the whole event.

The only thing I remember is waking up to see a lady  looking at me who made the milk lady laugh and laugh and laugh.

She said, “Oh look, it’s a mini Cee Jay” and then the milk lady cracked up laughing.

I guess that is pretty funny.

What’s the funniest thing people have said to you about your foster babies?


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