The Baby Diaries. Part 4

Just call me Dash.


Because whenever the milk lady makes plans, I make plans to dash all her plans.

Today the milk lady had to teach, which I like as the music always sends me to sleep. Then we had to go and visit some new people, my Dad’s family, an Aunty, grandma and great grandma, my brother and some cousins.

So, the milk lady made her plans for getting us both ready on time.

Ba ha ha ha ha ha!!!!

I let her have her shower in peace, but, once she got out, I decided to try out some of that opera music we listen to together.

By 9 am, with only 30 minutes until the milk lady was due to start teaching, I was still howling, didn’t want a bottle, didn’t want burping, so, she decided despite the crying to pop me in the bath anyway, and, just to surprise the milk lady, I went quiet. It was warm and floaty and bubbly and just lovely. Until I had to get out, and then I started with the crying again. It’s cold when you get out the bath right? But, the milk lady got me dry and dressed super fast and by the time her first student walked in I was sound asleep in my bassinette.

I was beautiful all through her lessons, like I said, I love the music, but then it was time to get ready to go out.

The milk lady decided I should have a clean nappy to go out. A quick thing to do. She was pretty happy, we were running early, so…….

I puked on myself, and because she had my nappy off to change me when I puked, I did a tinkle and made more mess to clean up  before going out.

So the milk lady’s plans were totally dashed today. Just have to mix things up every now and then. Keep her on her toes.

What’s the best trick your kids have played on you before going out?


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