Feeling like the enemy

Ever felt like someone had it in for you and you had no idea why?

Well that’s how it felt when we took baby “Jade” to visit her family.

If looks could kill, we might not be dead, but we’d have some injuries.

We arrived, they came outside and they never spoke, no greeting, no introductions, nothing.

Me….”Hi, I’m Cee Jay, are you “Sandra?”

“Yes”…woman of many words right there.

But, it did at least prompt Grandma to introduce herself.

I’m used to packing a bag for “Jade” to take to access, and it needs anything she might need in there. So, I handed the bag to Aunty and explained in the bag was nappies, 2 bottles, spare clothes and a spare blanket.

“I’ve got blankets” in a tone of voice to make me feel like I’ve insulted her.

When I suggested giving them our contact number in case they might need it, it was met with “I’ve raised 5 kids, haven’t killed any of them so I think we’ll be fine”.

Thank goodness for MM. I think had he not been there I would have been in tears at that point.

Grandma asked about how much baby drinks and when she was due for her next feed, and I explained what is usual for her, but that as she has had a long drive that normally upsets her feed routine.

3 hours later we went back to pick up “Jade” and again, hardly a word was spoken to us.

I would have loved a “thank you”. We went out of our way for these people. I know they see us as the enemy. They didn’t want “Jade” to go into foster care so they have a gripe with the department, I get that, but they need to be told by someone that we aren’t the enemy.

How can we make the best out of this situation?

How can we help these people know that we are here to help “Jade” by loving her and looking after her for the time being and that we aren’t the enemy to be despised?


One thought on “Feeling like the enemy

  1. It is so hard when the parents are distant. I have had my share too. I focus on care of the children, remember to thank them for following my routine and sometimes ask questions to get them involved (even when I might know the answer). Many have come around, some have not. Stay strong it stinks but you are doing the right things.

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