They’re a part of growing up aren’t they?

Going to sleepovers. Having your friends sleep over at your house.

Giggling until late at night.

18 months ago I asked “Kelly’s” social worker if she could have her best friend sleep over at our house on a respite weekend. Her Dad wouldn’t let her have a sleepover, saying the department wouldn’t permit it, so the poor little girl still hasn’t had a sleepover.

“Kelly” has now slept over at her friends house a couple of times, which is nice, but still hasn’t had a sleepover at her house.

Since the first time I asked, “Kelly” has had  2 more social workers.

I asked “Kelly’s” last social worker who at first said no, but said it was because the child isn’t a child in care the department wouldn’t ‘pay’ us for her to stay here. So, I finally had a reason. A reason I could argue against. I explained that we weren’t expecting to be reimbursed for having the extra child, we just wanted to be able to provide “Kelly” with an opportunity most little girls have. The answer…talk to your agency and if they approve of you doing this, let me know and we’ll see what we can do.

So, I emailed “Angel”, who emailed the social worker saying that we had their support for hosting a sleepover and that we understood we wouldn’t be reimbursed for the second child.

The reply….I’ll check with my supervisor.

Next….”Kelly’s” case is reallocated to a new social worker and we’re back at square one!


Now, I have a new support worker, known for now as PSW (until I come up with a code name for her…sorry new PSW) and she has jumped right into the deep end and is chasing this up. What a girl!!

The answer she has been given is NO as well!

What the…??

This time the reason is the most ridiculous yet. It’s because the department do not have a relationship with the girl or her family. But, they would talk AGAIN to “Kelly’s” dad about facilitating a sleepover at his house.

New PSW…love this reply…lets them know that they have already, more than once, approved “Kelly” to sleep at that child’s house and has let them know I have picked “Kelly” up from their house following a sleepover.

It’s really quite bizarre.

How hard can it be?

What’s your strangest experience as carers”



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