Finally, an answer

How many social workers does it take to approve a sleepover?

If it wasn’t so annoying it would sound like a joke wouldn’t it?

Here’s the funny part. Foster Dad can approve without permission from the department for “Kelly” to have friends over for a sleepover, or for her to go to a sleepover. As her respite carer I have had a battle and a half to get permission for her to have a friend over.

How much of a battle? you ask.

Well…’s taken 17 months, 3 social workers, 3 support workers and 1 supervisor to get approval for this.

In the end, the supervisor said we just had to have permission from foster dad and then we have to let them know when it’s taking place.

Seriously. How hard was that?

Once the supervisor chimed in, we had an answer within 48 hours!

Can’t wait to tell “Kelly” next time she is here for respite and to start planning her sleepover.

I see a trip to the movies, shopping, nail painting and if it’s before Christmas maybe card making or present making.

So excited and frustrated at the same time.

Frustrated that it’s taken sooooooooooooo long to get to this point.

Excited because we’re FINALLY at this point!




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