The baby diaries. Part 6

I’ve been on a holiday.

I went and stayed with my big brother at another ladies house.

It was nice spending time with my brother, he calls me “Cutie”, and it must be true, because so do the milk lady and the milk man, who I have renamed the yellow man. He goes out all day in a yellow shirt and when he comes home I watch everywhere he goes because I love yellow.

Since my last entry I’ve been to the hospital and been checked out by a different doctor. This one says he’s happy with how I’m going. Apparently at the last appointment because all I wanted to do was sleep he thought I wasn’t developing. Do you think it was because when he put me on my tummy to watch me lift up my head, but what I did was snuggle down for a little nap? Or was it because instead of looking at him I just wanted to stare at his stethoscope? Or just maybe because I refused to smile at him? You wouldn’t be happy either if you just wanted to sleep and this strange man kept interrupting you.

This new doctor was happy with me, I did a little bit of everything for him, even though it was my nap time.

There seems to be a lot of people around me worried that I’m not doing things according to some chart when they want me to.

I’m not a puppy learning tricks.

I do everything on the chart, but, I don’t like to be pressured by strangers.

I smile and am starting to laugh. I make sounds and have a oooh aaaah chat with milk lady, I hold my head up, I follow things (when I want to), sometimes there are just more interesting things to look at, and I can sit for a little while with my head steady all by myself. The milk lady says I’m doing well. My social worker says I’m doing well too so I’m going to not be worried about what others have to say and just keep growing, getting lots of cuddles andĀ being gorgeous.

It’s a tough job, but someone has to do it.




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