Merriest Christmas

For so many years I didn’t get into Christmas.
I didn’t put up my tree.
No Christmas cards.
I would go to the family Christmas lunch and leave early, often in tears.
Why celebrate when I felt I had nothing to celebrate?
I had no children to dote over and I never would….or so I thought.

Becoming a foster carer has been the most amazing experience, and this year, while baby “Jade” is not with us on this special day (that’s a story for another day) we do have her gifts and some for “Kelly” and best of all, we have “Kylie” with us today.

We’ve had the tree up for weeks.

We’ve grown candy canes.

seedssproutingbiggerfully grown

We left out water for the reindeers and cookies for Santa.

When “Kylie” woke up and saw all the presents under the tree she was a bit excited, and so was I.

Santa's been

I had so much fun putting the gifts under the tree with MM and being an elf while “Kylie” slept and as sad as I am “Jade” isn’t here today, the good news is that next weekend we will have all 3 girls with us and we can do Christmas all over with all our girls. I can’t wait!!!

While these babies aren’t my own, I couldn’t have had more enjoyment preparing for Christmas. In fact, I’ve maybe had more fun knowing that for these children we’ve tried to make Christmas as special possible for them.

Best. Christmas. Ever.


3 thoughts on “Merriest Christmas

  1. Every child needs some magic in their lives. It was so fun watching the girls get excited watching the candy canes growing. My favourite comment had to be from “Kylie” who after 2 days of study declared that the glitter in the magic soil MUST be what gives the candy canes their sweetness.

  2. Genuine happy tears in my eyes for you! Merry Christmas! Thank you for giving those little loves so much joy! I’m looking forward to your posts after Christmas with Jade too 🙂

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