Christmas Blessings

What’s your Christmas blessing this year?

Me, I am a piglet and have lots, it’s wonderful.

Top of the list must be MM. I have so many things to be thankful for with MM that it would be a whole other post. MM, I can’t imagine this journey we call life, without you. You make me laugh every day, you are supportive and wise in our foster care journey, often “the voice of reason” and you provide me with my endless request for hugs, even when I don’t ask for them out loud but you know I need one. Thank you for choosing me and coming along this journey with me.

Then there’s Ma and Pa, my amazing yet ridiculously supportive parents. Yes, they are ridiculous in their support of us. For Chrsitmas they gave us a weekend away at a B&B, without children. Time for us to rest and just have “us” time. But it’s more than that, there’s the constant support and even Pa’s ridiculous suggestion that we invite ALL of “Kylie’s” brothers and sisters (all 7 children) to THEIR home for Christmas day as children should be together for Christmas. Thank goodness our new support worker said that they have plans with the families they are placed with as it’s too close to Christmas because poor Ma was a bit concerned about all the extra children. The food, not an issue, there’s always enough to feed an army, but all those children running around….I get tired thinking about that.

Our babies. Not just the ones we have right now, but all that have come into our home this year. It’s been a crazy busy year, but so fulfilling. And of course I can’t count my blessings without making a special mention about “Kelly”, who we’ve had the honour of providing ongoing respite to for over 2 years and watching this young lady grow up and start the long healing process. And “Kylie” who joined us for one week and has now been with us almost a month, and having the honour of having her for Christmas. Watching her face light us as she saw the magic candy canes grow, the presents Santa left and just blending into our family so well. Saving the best for last, baby “Jade” who couldn’t be with us for Christmas, but, who has been with us for 3 months. Not bad for a 9 day respite placement! A little baby who fills my days with joy and is such a wonderful baby. Truly blessed to have our first baby placement such a beautiful little lady with the biggest of toothless grins. (One more sleep until she comes home!)

And now, unrelated to fostercare, MM’s daughter “Missy” and son-in-law “Mac”. They have taken me into their home as one of their own, and support and encourage our foster care journey. “Missy” thank you for all the baby things you hand down from your gorgeous baby to ours. “Mac” thank for being someone who calls a spade a spade, it means when you tell me something, I know you aren’t just being polite but are truly genuine. It means the world to me that you have welcomed me into your home. And of course the GORGEOUS “Kourtney”. A beautiful little girl who has stolen my heart by blessing me with helping her to open her Christmas present, not mum or Poppy, but me. Super special moment, and to make it better, when I went out with her Daddy to get pizza for dinner she called to “Nanna”. A name she gave to me as we always refer to me as Cee Jay.

Does life get any better than this?


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