Christmas Spirit

A few weeks ago we decided to take all the girls to have their photo taken with Santa.

At our local shopping centre it’s $ 20 for a double print, nice for most families. One for each child to keep or perhaps a print each set of grandparents.

But what about us?

We had 3 girls, all from separate families and they can’t have a photo with the other girls in it for their own privacy. So, in our infinite wisdom we decided to get an individual photo of each girl with Santa for them to keep and a group photo of all 3 girls for us. Just one problem, this was going to cost us $80.

Don’t get me wrong, we love the girls and would be happy to spend the money if that’s what it’s going to cost, but that’s a lot and I’d rather spend the money on the girls gifts than a photo. So, being a little bit cheeky I quietly explained our situation to the ‘elf’ taking the pictures. She gave us the biggest grin and said if it was up to her we should get our photos free….now wouldn’t that be something! But, of course, they have to cover costs too so she went and spoke with the manager who agreed to let us have a single print of each girl and a group photo for $40 all up. Wow!!!

Was a great start to the silly season and I think the older girls loved that we got a photo of all the girls together, our little “family”.

It was so lovely to see a business do something nice, proof that the Christmas Spirit lives on.


3 thoughts on “Christmas Spirit

  1. What a joy to read! Thank you for this…I needed a lovely moment just now. :). I think that manager is wonderful for what he did! Hooray for the kids and your bank account!

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