2014 – the year that was

And what a year it was.

We applied to also do emergency care and found out with “Hey, congratulations. You’re approved for emergencies. So what are  you doing today?”

In this year we’ve taken 2 sets of siblings as emergency placements. “Mork and Mindy” and “Thelma and Louise”. Our ability to take in emergencies is restricted a bit due to us both working and quite a bit of time is often needed for taking the children to access visits or court appointments so we only take them when one of us is available to be home for them all day.

We’ve continued our respite with “Kelly” every other weekend and managed this year to also provide respite for “Blake”, “Catelyn” – the gorgeous baby that got me to wanting our own bubby, “Amber”, “Johnny” and “James”.

In the course of time after many discussions we asked what we had to do to get an emergency baby placement. It was simple, we needed to also be short term carers as baby placements start at 6 weeks. So, there was only one thing to do….become short term carers. Then it was a matter of letting “Angel” know when we would be able to take in a baby. Within a week of that meeting arrived cutie pie “Jade”.

To finish out the year we took in one more emergency placement “Kylie” who is now a short term placement as it’s taken longer to find a long term family for her.

I couldn’t write this post without talking about the challenges and highlights of each child.


Biggest challenge would be communication with her foster dad , but with “Kelly” herself it’s keeping her motivated to do things. It took us 11 months to knit her Nanna a scarf for Christmas. Just as well we started last January.
Highlight has to be seeing how much she has progressed with her ‘healing’. Seeing those brain cells repairing pathways and watching the improvements in her is amazing.


Most challenging child we’ve had to date. The screaming at bedtime was a real test, but this was balanced out by the good kid that he is during the day. Hope that the little man finds some stability and peace so he can settle.


The challenge with that gorgeous bubba was giving her back. The highlight, just her. She was a beautiful baby, so easy to fall in love with. Feeling blessed that we’ve been able to see her at foster care functions.

“Mork and Mindy”

The heat wave we had when we had these little cuties made their time here more difficult as we were stuck indoors out of the heat. Unlike “Blake” and his screaming, these two treated us to the silent treatment which is even more difficult to deal with as you have no idea what the problem is or how to fix it. The highlight for me is at some stage in their short stay here, they both told us they loved us.

“Thelma and Louise”

It had to be the stealing of the clothes that challenged us most but the highlight was definitely them taking so quickly to MM. The girls who at home slept with knives and scissors under their pillows and shared a bed for safety came to depend on MM for safety. The wouldn’t go to school without him driving them and taking them in and talking to the principal. So nice to see them feel so safe so quickly.


The little boy who took no talking to a whole new level, often going a couple of hours a day before words would come out, knowing that this was about him feeling safe and comfortable and not because he had a problem was helpful for us in dealing with this. Highlights, getting him to speak and finding inside the shy little man a chatterbox and the other highlight was catching up with him at the agency Christmas party and him coming and spending time with us.


What a delightful little lady and so smart. In the four days of respite we provided for her she was a delight the whole time the only challenge was seeing her at the Christmas party and her foster mum not allowing us to take a photo of her to add to our scrapbook of “our babies”.


Ah….the little card player and “Let’s play again”. We had such a lovely weekend with him and his super infectious giggle.


The only challenge is getting used to less sleep and worrying about ‘am I doing ok’ all the time. Highlight is just having the gorgeous little lady with us for such a long time. She is a delight and I spend so much time just watching her and talking to her.


A super smart girl who has an amazing imagination which is our biggest challenge as she embellishes things (a lot) and makes up stories to have some life experiences, so we’re working on reinforcing that she is special as she is and she doesn’t need to be anyone but who she is. We’ve also given her a book to write her own stories so she can use that amazing imagination of hers.

Such an amazing year. I can’t wait to see what 2015 brings us.


2 thoughts on “2014 – the year that was

    • Thank you.
      There’s always something positive about the challenges, it’s just a matter of finding them.
      We also try to instil some of that positiveness into the children while they are with us by getting them to talk about the highlight of each day.

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