MM to the rescue

Just when I thought I was going slightly batty…ok, I may be, but aren’t we all a little bit batty? And I thought I was doing something seriously wrong with the baby MM jumps in with his two cents worth.

Last week baby was sleeping so beautifully. 7 hours solid. She was the most perfect little floss we could ask for and then this week I’ve been going a bit around the twist. It’s just the last few days really. “Jade” hasn’t been sleeping well I’m up multiple times a night rather than once, she’s not been her usual little piggy self, we’ve had crying and fussing and a bit of a cranky baby. Not all the time, just enough to make me wonder what I’m doing wrong.

MM in his usual awesomeness reminds me I’m doing fine, babies are like that.

Still I wonder, until tonight….the amazing MM asks how old she is. Seems simple right. She is exactly 4 months today. But in weeks, she’s 17. That’s the perfect age to have a “wonder week”. So off we go to our wonder week information and guess what?! Miss J ticks a lot of boxes. She’s trying and almost succeeding in putting things in her mouth, she’s better able to grasp her rattle and shake it around, stops during a feed when she’s done and push away, and is starting to respond more to her name. All things she should be doing at her age. There’s more and I guess we’ll look forward to seeing them soon.

Yah!! I’m not going mad.
I’m not doing something wrong.
Bubs is just having a big mental growth week. So much must be going on in her little head, no wonder she’s a bit cranky.

I can go to sleep knowing that when she wakes me up for the 5th or 6th time during the night, it’s going to pass and hopefully within the week we should have our beautiful sleeper back again.

MM, thank you so much for having the mental clarity to work this out. I must be so tired to not have seen that one for myself. What would I do without you? Thank you for supporting me and helping me in my tired delirium to see the light at the end of the tunnel.



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