The Baby Diaries Part 9

What can a little baby like me give someone for their birthday?

I gave milk lady an 8 hour sleep.

She seemed to like that.

She also seemed to like that I didn’t do a poop all day (I have done 2 this morning to catch up though).

I started off the day so well, had a big bottle and a nap like I should. Splashed around in the bath, I do love bath time, put on a pretty party dress and had a sleep in the car on the way out to lunch with Nana and Pa.

I was my normal little self all through lunch, right up to the end when I suddenly needed a nap. You know what that’s like right? I got a little cranky then. I wasn’t comfortable in my stroller, and the milk lady was trying to finish her lunch so I got a bit fidgety and cranky. Just as well Nana had made dessert at home because when we left I fell straight to sleep in the car.

We got to Nana and Pa’s house and the milk lady must have carried me inside because next thing I know, I woke up in the cot at Nana’s….Sweet.

I got to eat pumpkin for the first time today, it’s a bit strange, it’s bright orange but, I ate most of it, eventually.

At the farm I got cuddles with Nana and Pa gave me a horsey ride and I got to play in my ba-doink-a-doink. The milk lady calls it a bouncer, but when I bounce it goes ba-doink-a-doink-doink so that’s what me and the milk man call it.

We went home for a while then went out to the milk lady’s favourite Chinese restaurant. I like it there. The ladies that bring the food always smile at me, but tonight, after such a big day out I was a bit worn out and just wanted to sleep and I don’t like sleeping in the stroller very much, so milk lady was pretty good about holding me in one arm while she ate with her other hand.

This is the life.


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