The Baby Diaries Part 10

Is it normal for adults to giggle all the time?

The milk lady is often laughing around me.

She giggles when she changes my nappy after I’ve done a poop. She finds the multi-coloured poops entertaining since I started on solids.

The Milk lady giggled this morning when I puked all over her. She said I was like a little milk volcano. I guess it was funny because I don’t do it very often and never when we’re about to go out, I’m good like that.

I thought her head was going to fall off one day from laughing so much. I’d just had a bath and the milk lady had read that some babies like to do tummy time after a relaxing bath, before they get dressed. So, that’s what we did. That’s such a great position for pooping in, the milk lady said I looked like some gross Mr Whippy ice cream fountain. That was the first and last time we did tummy time like that.

I’m quite lucky she is such a good sport because I like to mix things up. Just when the milk lady is getting comfy with our routine I go and change everything. Two nights ago I slept for 9 hours. I woke up starving hungry. The milk lady didn’t even get grumpy with me for screaming the house down, she just smiled and giggled and said everything was ok, I just had a hole in my tummy and it would be fine just as soon as I had a bottle. Last night, I had the milk lady up 4 times and then did the milk volcano trick. Still, not grumpy, but she does look very tired. I must say I’m tired too, so maybe I’ll sleep nicely tonight for her.

I wonder what giggles we’ll have today.




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