The Baby Diaries Part 11

I’m a big girl now.

I went shopping with the milk lady and they didn’t have any of the baby trolleys, you know the ones where I get to lay down and have a nap while milk lady pushes me around. The just had regular ones so, the milk lady asked me if we should go home or would I like to be a big girl? We went with big girl. I got to sit up like a little lady and hold the milk lady’s hand while she pushed the trolley around. I didn’t get my nap though and I was really tired, but, the milk lady was good and kept smiling at me and telling me how proud she was of me for being a big girl.

While we were shopping I was smiling at a man, well, he started it, and his wife was asking the milk lady all about me. The milk lady is so funny. Sometimes when people ask she says that yes I am her first baby. Which I kind of am, and it makes for less questions but sometimes when she’s in a cheeky mood she tells people I am her 16th child. That’s always good for a giggle. I know I can’t talk, and don’t understand all the words, but I understand peoples faces, and they are so funny when she says 16. Of course, she lets them know it’s because she is a foster mummy, and I smile at people and be as cute as I can. I know of 2 people that have gone to information sessions to become foster carers because the milk lady talks to people about what she and the milk man do, and I think maybe it’s also because I am pretty cute…just saying!

When we got home from shopping I had a really big nap. It was a big day. We’d been to visit the milk man at his work, and took him in morning tea and then we went shopping. Plenty for one morning for me. When I woke up I did something else only big girls can do. I sat in the swing outside. I haven’t done that before. That’s a strange thing, it’s a bit like my car seat but it is like flying through the air. I’m not sure how I feel about it yet. I can’t say I don’t like it. I think I need another try to say for sure.

So, now I am almost 6 months old I am such a big girl.

I don’t like sitting down low next to the table. I like to be part of the conversation at meal times.

I’ve been in the big girl trolley and now a swing.

I get to eat all sorts of yummy foods.

I can’t wait to be over 6 months old, what awesome things will I get to do then?


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