The baby diaries Part 12

Happy half birthday to me!

I’m 6 months old and I got a mini party for my mid-year celebration!

It was just the milk lady and milkman and my special sister “Scarlett” and I got a present from all of them.

I like presents. Actually, I like unwrapping presents and playing with the paper. The presents are ok, but the pretty paper is so much fun to squish up and try to eat it and rip it. I love that part the best.

I also got a little cupcake with a candle on it. I didn’t get to eat it though as my brother was allergic to eggs, and the milk lady is a bit concerned I will be too, but I got to try the frosting…mmmm. The milk lady tells me I will get to try things with eggs but not just yet.

My first mini party was lovely and I can’t wait to turn one! Maybe a bigger party, maybe with more presents or even better, just lots of pretty paper to play with.


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