That went well

Don’t you hate it when you stress out about something and get all worked up, just to have it go well, and then you’re left feeling like a dill for stressing in the first place?

Well, today was my first meeting with “Jade’s” new social worker. I bumped into her briefly when picking up “Jade” from access on Monday but today she came out early to have a chat with me before taking miss cutie pie to access.

I didn’t know what to expect from todays meeting. My new support worker couldn’t be here due to training, so I had myself a list of questions to ask, plus a list of questions for a future meeting when my support worker can be there to ‘hold my hand’.

Because “Jade” had to spend Christmas with TM (tummy mummy) I’ve been worrying that she was going to have to go to respite for Easter as well. Plus, if I’m honest, I’ve been worrying even more that she will have to spend Mother’s Day with TM as well. Well, at this stage “Jade” is not going to spend Easter with TM as she is on supervised access there won’t be anyone available to supervise on Easter, and as for Mother’s Day, SW was honest enough to say at this stage she can’t give me a definite answer as it’s quite a way away, but at this stage, no to Mother’s Day as well.

Sadly things aren’t going well with the reunification. In fact, I get the distinct impression that things are going backwards. Access is about to be cut back from 3 days per week to just 2 days. Next month SW is having a meeting with her supervisor to discuss the case as “Jade’s” brothers court order is up in a few months they need to decide what to do. Do they apply for an extension. Do they apply to have the order be GOM18 (in care until he ages out). SW said once they have that meeting about big brother then they will have a better idea of where “Jades” case is headed and we will have some more information.

She was lovely in saying that we need to know what’s going on as it effects our lives too. Nice to be treated as part of the team, not just as baby sitters, or as MM would say, like mushrooms.

I’m now in that awful place where I have all those conflicting emotions.

I’m sad reunification isn’t going well, but happy that for us we get to have this beautiful little lady in our home longer.

I’m sad for TM that she probably wont get to spend Mother’s Day with her children, but I”m happy that for the first time I will get the joy of my own Mother’s Day.

It seems like the progress is one step forward one step backward. I certainly wouldn’t want to be the social workers. Having to decide what is in the best interest of the children. How long do you give someone to get their stuff together? If TM can’t do it in 12 months, what is the likelyhood she will be able to do it in 24 months? or 3 years? How long do we live with our lives in limbo?

Now to wait another month to get another update.

The plus, another month with “Jade”, and the joy of watching her grow and change before our very eyes.


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