The Baby Diaries Part 13

Bunny reduced

Happy Easter!

I like this Easter stuff.

The Easter Bunny left me a great big ballerina bunny teddy to snuggle with. She’s so soft and fluffy.

The milk lady said that I shouldn’t have chocolate because I’m still a baby. Guess the Easter Bunny thought she was wrong because when we went to visit Nana and Papa at the farm, there was a cute little gold bunny, with a BELL!!! Papa took some of the gold off and showed me the inside is all brown, and then he held it in my mouth. Mmmmmm. I like that.

The milk lady just shakes her head and says “what happens at Papa’s stays at Papa’s, but I think I’m not supposed to watch!”

Nana also gives me a little bit of ice cream in a cone when I’m there. That’s nice too because it feels good on my gums where my teeth are hurting me.

The milk man got a cool photo of me (you can’t see it because I’m not wearing my sunglasses) that milk lady enlarged and framed for my tummy mummy. Everyone keeps telling me it’s super cute, I hope TM likes it. I don’t get to see her as much as I used to, so maybe it will make her want to see me more.

Well, it’s time for a nap for me.

Happy Easter everyone! I hope yours was as good as mine.


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