Better than expected

The big day was here, it was time for “Scarlett” to go.

Thank goodness it got moved earlier, and I don’t just mean moved forward a couple of days, I mean the actual time on the day itself.

We had been busy packing the day before. Checking and double checking all the rooms to make sure we hadn’t forgotten anything so that when the big day came, all “Scarlett” had left to pack was her toiletries (she slept the night in a pair of PJ’s we keep on hand for emergencies) and then we just had to wait for the hours to tick by.

Tick tock.tick tock.

I can’t remember how many games of Monopoly deal we played that morning (the card game version of monopoly, takes only 10 – 20 minutes per game).

Mid-morning the phone rang and it was her social worker confirming that we had all the details and to let me know that no-one from the department would be there for the hand over and could I please get her there an extra half hour earlier so that they could have lunch together before getting on their flight.

Ok, small panic attack on my behalf. I know I was handing “Scarlett” to her father, a man she knows, but it just didn’t seem right that no-one official would be there. How was he going to react to me. I’d not had any contact with him. I didn’t know how he felt about his daughter being in care. I didn’t know how he felt about the process taking so long to go through for her to move to him and here I was about to be the only person there.

I did the only thing I could do. Call MM. My knight in shining armour and beg for him to get off work for a couple of hours to come with us. I know, what was I thinking? Of course he can’t do that, but he did tell me to call our agency. Of course! They are awesome, and while I know that no-one could come with me, they would have all the comforting words I needed to hear. And they did. My Support worker was out doing a home visit, so I explained my predicament to the lovely lady that handles the phone and she put me straight on to another support worker who knows me. Yes, it would be ok. Yes this happens with re-unifications. Yes you can do this and then call me after to let me know how it went.

So, off we went, we left extra early to allow time for  the weather being poor and to allow time for road works and to find a park. We got there in good time and there was Dad. Sitting in the check in area waiting and watching.

I have never seen such a big smile. There is one man truly happy to have his daughter come and live with him. He even had gone to the trouble of buying me a big bunch of flowers for looking after “Scarlett”.

It went so much better t than I expected. We had a little chat and I am happy to report he has even got her booked in for therapy.

Another happy ending for one of our babies.


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