The journey so far

7 months ago today a small pink bundle arrived on our doorstep.

“Jade” or Squeaky, as she is affectionately called by us for her little kitten like squeaks.

When she arrived, it was just for 9 days of respite. Her emergency carers had already planned a holiday and couldn’t take her royal cuteness with them, then, after she had been with us a whole 24 hours we were asked if we could continue caring for her until she was reunified with her tummy mummy.

Reunification was going well, and she should be moving back with mum late March to early April, giving the department a few months to support TM before the court order was up.

Everything was going well until the new year. Something has happened, I don’t know what exactly, but access with mum has been cut back to only 2 90 minute visits per week.

Today I find out that on Thursday this week there will be a meeting between “Jade’s” social worker and her supervisor to discuss the case as “Jade’s” brothers court order is up in under 2 months and between now and then they need to decide what direction the case is going to go in.

Has TM made enough progress in the last year to give them reason to apply for another 12 month court order?

Or do they apply for what is known here as a GOM18 order, meaning the children will be placed in long term care until they age out at 18.

If they are placed on a GOM18 order the department then look to family and friends of TM to see if there is anyone suitable and able to care for BOTH children.

If there isn’t anyone suitable, the department will then look to the list of foster carers in the state to see if there are any carers wanting to take in both of the children.

Then, there’s us. While we aren’t presently registered for long term care, it’s just a form to be filled out.

So, our little 9 day placement, has now been here 7 months, and now we are waiting to hear if we might be considered for the honour of caring for her royal cuteness “Jade”, for the rest of her life.

What a journey so far!


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