No I am not trying to be a pirate or tigger.

I am frustrated.

Thursday is a big day.

I have an early start for work, 100 kms away, and since they changed bubs access to this day it’s harder because I not only have to pack her day care bag, but a separate bag with her goodies for access.

So, off we go to day care. Hand over notes given.

An hour later they come and collect bubs to take her to access, an hours drive away.

“Jade” was due for a bottle on arrival at access (yes, I time it so that “Jade” either has a bottle or a solids feed at each access so she has that special time with mum) BUT…TM didn’t show up. In their own frustration at having driven over an hour to collect baby, and then an hour back to access they now had to turn around and drive her an hour back to day care, they forgot to give “Jade” a bottle and a nappy change.

Imagine the day care lady’s surprise at receiving back instead of her normally happy smiling baby, a crying hungry little mite.

So frustrated that TM didn’t show up.

So frustrated that she didn’t bother to call them.

So frustrated that they forgot to feed “Jade”.

So frustrated that the only person who is really affected by all of this is the little tiny person in my care who has no voice for herself.

Now to write a polite, yet firmly worded email of complaint that they forgot to give “Jade” her bottle and made her wait 2 hours past her feed time for it. My poor little poppet.


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