My first mothers day

As a mummy. Obviously I have celebrated my mum on this day for many years, but this was my first mothers day.

It was a lovely day .

No sleep in, but that’s ok. No brekkie in bed, and that’s ok too.

I did get a lovely new dressing gown, seeing as Jade has a tendency to puke and drool all over mine, it’s nice to now have a spare so when one is in the wash I still have a nice snuggly dressing gown for the middle of the night feeds.

I also got a lovely card, which made me cry. MM’s goal with his card buying is to always choose one with sentimental words. What I thought was strange was the card on the front said from both of us. I thought perhaps it was from Jade and the dog, but no, the handwritten message reads “To my special mum, Lots and Lots of love on this special day. This card is from me but it’s also a thank you from all your other foster kids. Lots and Lots of Love and hugs and kisses from Jade”

We got ready and drove up to the farm where I got another card and gift (Mum made me some lovely Christmas decorations) from Jade (did Mum think that MM would forget or did she want to make an extra effort?).

It was a lovely day with only a few tears from me. Both from being overwhelmed with love and from sadness that this time next year we may not have our little angel with us, but mostly it was a most beautiful day.

My highlights would be

– Jade saying something that sounds an awful lot like “Mama”, so I’m going to take that as her first word on mothers day!

– Having an hour to ourselves while Mum and Dad looked after Jade while we went and looked at a couple of properties for sale in the area.

– Dad’s comment for the day “Jade knows who her Mother is it would be wrong for the department to take her away from you just to place her with a brother she doesn’t know.”

I hope you all had a lovely day to celebrate the people special in your lives.


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