Mary Poppins versus Angelina Jolie

Who are you?

Are you a Mary Poppins in the carer world, happy to care for children as long as they need you before moving on to the next child?

Or are you more like Angelina Jolie, adopting them all as you go along your journey?

I have to keep reminding myself we are Mary Poppins despite desperately wanting to keep “Jade” and before that “Kylie” and “Catelyn” and well, the list continues.

Most of the time I am fine with our Mary Poppins-ness. Knowing that for however long children are in our home, we love them and care for them until they no longer need us. Happily, for most of the children that have come into our home there have been members of their family that have been happy to take the children and we were just a safe place for them to live while all the checks that needed to be done could be completed before the children moved on. So for me, while I cry every time a child moves on, it’s always good to know they are with family who want them and love them.

I am really struggling at the moment with the fact “Jade” is probably going to be leaving us. I keep reminding myself “You are Mary Poppins” but, it’s still hard.

It’s made a little easier when I hear of babies in residential emergency care because there just aren’t enough carers to go around. Knowing that we can help another child if/when “Jade” moves on.

I have tried to work out how we can have 2 babies at the same time, but MM, as usual, is right. Logistically and financially 2 little ones is too much for us to do. I would want to completely stop work and as we all know how much foster carers get “paid” it would be a struggle for us at the moment. Not to mention buying a second car seat, cot, and probably needing bigger car as I’m not sure “Kelly” would fit in the back of my car with 2 car seats there.

So, each day until we know exactly what is going on, I pour all the love I can into little “Jade” and remind myself that if she does leave us it’s because there is a family there to love her and another child is in need of the love I have to give.


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