Enter Eddie

In all the emotion commotion of the last few weeks I haven’t shared a real highlight.


The day our world felt like it imploded we were to go interstate to visit MM’s new grandson. Enter Eddie. What a little cutie.

We had a lovely weekend away with Jade visiting MMs girls and their girls and now a boy.

It would be a massive understatement to just say MM is happy about a little boy. He is so over the moon that our next foster baby has to be another girl. Why? Because Eddie is special and for a while MM wants him to be the only little man in the family. How can I argue with that?

We had 2 lovely visits with “Ellen and Portia” and their two little ones, Marilyn and Eddie. I’m not sure if my highlight of the visits was watching MM play a frozen game with Marilyn, where he got to be Anna, or cuddles with little Eddie or just being made to feel so welcome.

Next we went to visit Missy, Mac and little Kourtney. Kourtney just loved playing with baby which was so cute because she has only just turned 2. We had a wonderful time there and I can only have one highlight. It must be when Missy asked me to choose a title to be called by Kourtney. I can’t be nana because that’s taken but I need a name like that. So, after tears from me….an overwhelming experience to be so welcomed into their family, and after a late night whisper chat with MM we came up with an option. I am now Nanny.

Our weekend away was so perfectly timed. It was a great way to put all the drama at home behind us and just enjoy our time away and relax.

Thank you to Ellen, Portia, Missy and Mac for sharing your gorgeous families with me.

Thank you MM for being so supportive of me on our fostering journey but also sharing your beautiful family with me and now having me blessed with the Nanny title.

What more could a girl ask for?


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