What can I say?

We are truly blessed to have so many people who don’t just care about us, but also our special children. But now, oddly, I have to add NM (new mum) to the list of lovely people.

I wish I could say she is horrible, but she is anything but.

This morning she is coming for another visit with Jade, and she sent me a text to tell me they were running late.

I replied with a thank you and please let me know when you are on your way as a blue bundle of cuteness is arriving this afternoon and I need to hit the shops before he arrives.

Her reply, copied straight from her message:

“Congratulations, I know this has been very hard on you and your hubby and I hope having a new little bubba to love will help you with this transition. You are both very special people doing what you are doing with all these beautiful children”

NM seems to understand what we are going through and is sensitive to that. That means a lot to me. She really does seem like such a lovely lady, how can I be sad that Jade is going to such lovely people?

What more can I say? We really are so blessed.

What more can I say?


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