Hello Harry!

Is caring for two children under one insane?


Is doing it to yourself on purpose crazy?


But, we’re doing it any way.

The theory is that by getting a new bundle of cuteness before Jade leaves, it will help ease the pain.

So, we made the call on Monday and let our support worker know we would like another bub.

The answer? Pink or blue?

There was no questioning our decision. It’s awesome to know our support worker has that faith in us to make the right decision for our needs.

There was a placement meeting the next day so she was going to let the team know that we were available for another one.

Wednesday when I rang about a Jade transition issue, Support worker asked if we were sure we wanted another one.

Yes we are sure. Why?

Well….there was talk around the office and we should expect a call later in the week. The placement team were just sorting out a few logistic problems.

Later in the week? you ask. But it was already Wednesday.

Yes, Thursday the phone rang. Would we like a little blue bundle? Would we be free the next day?

Of course and of course.

So. Hello Harry.

A four week old little blue bundle

Our first night was a tough one, but we’ve worked out the poor little man hadn’t been sleeping well because he was cold, so cold. He came to us just wearing a onesie, and it’s winter here. No singlet underneath, no socks, no mittens, no beanie. Just the one layer of clothes. We snuggled him in layers and more than one blanket and today, a different baby. Less crying, less shivering lower lip and more sleeping like he should be doing.

A few days in and Harry seems to be settling in and to be the beautiful angel she is, Jade has decided that she might try sleeping through the night so I only have to get up to one bub…bless her.

Getting ready in the morning to leave the house still feels like a mammoth task, a bag for Jade and day care, one for Harry to come with me and my bag. Bottles and more bottles and nappies. Other than being tired, oh so very tired, it’s nice to have another bubs, especially with only 2 more sleeps until Jade leaves.


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