10 things we love about Jade

In no particular order here are 10 things we love about Jade and will miss ever so much.

  1. The big gummy grin greeting you in the morning when it’s time to get up and when you walk in the room.
  2. The was she licked everything before eating it to see if she liked it, this includes her blocks, bath toys, and basically anything she could get her hands on.
  3. The way she flaps her arms in ‘thunderbird’ style when she is excited about something. From us walking back into the room she is in, to listening to her favourite music.
  4. The way she claps her hands when at work with me while watching the students sing and dance. Rehearsals won’t be the same without her and her infectious smile and bounciness.
  5. The way she runs around in her ’roundabout toy’. It’s a play table with a seat attached that she can sit in and walk around the different activities. But, she liked to run around it and loved to play chasey around her table.
  6. Her Sheldon Cooper laugh when she started laughing.If you’ve seen The Big Bang Theory, you know the laugh. It was so funny to hear it from her. As she got older we got a real chuckle, and there is no better sound than her little laugh.
  7. The way she slapped me in the face before calling me Mama for the first time.
  8. How when she was tired she would pull any available fabric over her face. Her blankie, my shirt, anything she could use.
  9. Bath time. Jade’s love of the water, the splashing and kicking in the water.
  10. Her love of animals and spending time at the farm. So much so that getting her to nap at the farm was next to impossible. Just too many things to do, and one of her favourite, Papa’s horsie rides.
  11. The beautiful little girl who travelled over 2000 kms with us with almost no complaints. Such a beautiful happy baby.
  12. The was she loved a snuggle. Even the nights when she had me up because she wasn’t feeling well and all she wanted was a snuggle in mums arms.

    I said 10 things didn’t I?
    Oops. Well, I did stop at 12, I should get some credit for that.

Jade, you are loved and special and missed. The house is so quiet without your chatter and laughter.
Miss you.
Love you, to the moon and back.


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