Florence Nightingale

Tuesday was the big day.

Harry had to get his first round of immunisations.

I’m surprised they took us in. No medicare card, no verification of a child in care card, no baby blue health and development folder that is given when a child is born. Nothing but a baby and a lady wanting to get him immunised.

The medical centre were fantastic. I showed them my foster carer ID card and was able to provide Harry’s full name and date of birth and they did the rest. I left with a number to call to get a new blue book for him and they even found out his medicare number, which I have now given to his social worker who thought I was amazing in getting it when she hasn’t.

Nurse Nightingale was the most fantastic.

I am always concerned that I’m doing something wrong with our children…self doubt, don’t you love it! So, I like to be able to get a professionals opinion. Well, it seems Harry is doing just fine. We talked about his snack feeding, from co-sleeping with tummy mummy and getting milk on call and about foster care and Jade came up in conversation as well.

It was from my point of view a great appointment. Imagine my surprise the next morning when the nurse called me.

I can tell you I started worrying. Was there something wrong? Did I leave something there? What a I not doing right for this little man?

None of the above.

Nurse Nightingale told me that as Harry is aboriginal I should make contact with an aboriginal health worker. Someone that can help me with any specific needs Harry might have. She even said that there might be extra help or support available for us while we care for Harry. Fantastic!

And if that wasn’t enough, someone had just dropped in about 6 weeks worth of formula to give away, and, well, she thought that as foster carers we might like it for Harry! Would we! Wow!!!

I called MM in tears and tried to explain what had just happened.

Since Harry has arrived we have had 4 bags of ‘hand-me-down’ clothes arrive from different people with instructions of, “Keep what you want and donate the rest to charity”. We are constantly blown away by people’s generosity. MM explains it as “people can’t all do what we do in foster care, but they want to help in anyway they can, so if they can support us, they have helped make a difference in this child’s life”. MM, my man of wise words.

To Nurse Nightingale, thank you for the extra help and advice. Your “job” stopped after you had checked out Harry and immunised him, but, you thought about us in your own time and called me with help and suggestions. Thank you.

They say it takes a village to raise a child, and I thought when I started on this adventure as a single girl, that I was in this by myself with my parents support, but I couldn’t be more wrong. Family, friends and strangers all help us where they can and it makes me so happy to be surrounded by such amazing people. To all of you, a big heart felt thanks for your kindness, generosity and support to both us and the children.


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