I keep waiting

And waiting for the day to come when someone asks me to stop bringing bubs to work.

First it was Jade when she was tiny and now it’s Harry.

After Jade started getting more vocal and restless during rehearsals it was time for day care, but while she was little like Harry is now, she came to school with me.

I wait for someone to ask me not bring them, but it doesn’t happen.

Today when I went to school I was stopped twice on my way to rehearsal with Harry.

Twice stopped so people could look at him and goo and gaa over him.

Twice people told me how lucky he is to have us.

Twice I expected the “please don’t” comment and got the opposite.

In fact, the first lady to stop me runs the Children’s Centre at the school. A centre where they support parents with advice and classes and a playgroup. Harry and I were invited to come on Wednesdays for baby massage sessions. Amazing right?

Like so many other people, she told me what an amazing thing we are doing for the children and I just replied with “I’m actually selfish. I can’t have children so I’m doing this for me”.

Her reply “What you are doing is anything but selfish. It’s selfless.”

Feeling so blessed.

The support from so many people is awesome, but the support from total strangers is the greatest gift of all.


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