What do you see?

big grin

What do you see when you see this smile?

Do you see a child that came into this world in a home of domestic violence?

Do  you see a child born testing positive to different narcotics?

Do you see a child happy with life?

Do you see a child that looks loved and cared for?

What do you see?

I see our darling Jade’s big gummy smile that made people stop and talk to her in the shopping centre.

I see a beautiful little girl who has known nothing but love in our home and is happy and content…but, that’s just me.

I see that beautfil smile every time I look at my phone as that picture is my screen saver and it brings a smile to my face.

MM uses that photo whenever I’m feeling overwhelmed as a mum with our little Harry and his colic. His crying breaks my heart and knowing that I’m doing everything I can for him and still he cries. MM reminds me with that photo that together we make happy, healthy babies and this time will pass and Harry will go back to being his normal happy baby self and in no time he too will be giving us big gummy grins.

I see that photo and forget that Jade had such a hard start in life.

I see that photo and smile with a tear in my eye.
How can one little girl be so darn cute?
How can we love her so much, even though she isn’t our biological child?
How can one little person make such a huge impact on so many people with that gorgeous smile?

I see that photo and think how lucky we were to be blessed with her in our home.

What do you see?


3 thoughts on “What do you see?

  1. I see a beautiful babe who was rescued from hardship and now knows love, thanks to you two wonderful souls. You erased the mistakes she had lived through and replaced them with what family should be. I know she brought you love and joy as well, which is exactly how it should work. 🙂 I’ll bet you miss her so. Do you ever get updates from her new foster mom?

    (PS colic is so hard to go through for parents and baby both. My guy screamed bloody murder for his first months. It will pass….just knowing you’re there for him will help poor Harry get through it. xx)

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