Oh Happy Day.

Who’s a happy girl?
Well, Jade is, but so am I, and MM is just as happy.


Well, we caught up with Jade and her new family for her birthday.

What an amazing experience.

Jade at first looked at MM and I,and you could see the cogs in her brain working overtime trying to work us out. You could see that she was trying to work out where she knew us from. It’s been 7 weeks since we’ve seen her royal cuteness. It didn’t take long and we were getting a few little smiles, and once she was out of her stroller, I asked if she wanted to come for a cuddle.

The little chubby arms reached out for me and my heart melted.

Jade was happy to have cuddles with both MM and I, but we never got the flappy arm wave. But, NM (new mum) did. She was out of sight for a few minutes and when she reappeared Jade gave her the big grin and flappy arm treatment. It was both awesome and a little sad at the same time. Sad because that was how she always reacted to us, but happy to see that excitement has been turned to her new family.

While we were at the barbeque, Jade was so cute with little Harry. I was sitting on the ground holding him while she played and she crawled over….yes our little bubba can crawl and has 2 little teeth poking through… to come and sit on my other leg and look at Harry. Then she wanted to touch Harry, and then, to share her toys with him. She had a toy biscuit in her picnic basket, and you could have knocked me over when she took Harry’s dummy out of his mouth, and instead of putting it in her mouth, as I was expecting, she tried to feed him her toy biscuit. What a little sweetie!

It was so lovely to have this time with her and her family. I thought they may have invited other family or friends as well, but it was just us. They really are so thoughtful and sweet.

It was a magical day.


One thought on “Oh Happy Day.

  1. Ahh my heart filled with joy, reading this! I’m so happy for you all! Great that she’s happy with her new family and I’m so glad you got some cuddles and loves. 🙂

    What a lil’ sweet pea, feeding Harry her toy biscuit. She is such a lovely little one, already trying to share her happiness with others.

    You are such a good mum. (Hugs!)

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