Waiting waiting waiting

So much of what we do as foster carers involves waiting.

Waiting for updates of the case.
Waiting for social workers to return calls and emails.
Waiting for the next placement.
Waiting for children to be picked up or dropped off at access visits.

At the moment we’re waiting to hear about Harry’s case.

It went to court over a week ago. They were applying for a GOM18 order (placing Harry in a long term placement).

Sometimes these cases are adjourned for months but as we learned (the hard way) they can go straight through like Jade’s did, if the parents consent to the child being placed on a long term order. We do know Harry’s mum has consented so in theory it should go straight through, but, it will depend on the judge. The judge may decide that she is too young to consent and make the case go to a 12 month reunification order. Hopefully not. In the two months we’ve cared for Harry he has only had two visits with her, so I’m guessing she isn’t interested in being a mum at this point. So, we’re waiting to hear the outcome of the hearing.

Then, there is the family that the department are beginning to assess to have Harry long term. They are extended family of his, so it would be lovely if he could go there. So, we’re waiting to hear the outcome of the assessments.

If all of that goes ahead we have to wait to hear how the department want to handle the transition for Harry. The new family live about an 8 hour drive away from us, or a 90 minute flight. They have asked if I would be prepared to fly him there, and of course I said yes. I couldn’t let our little man fly with strangers to go and live with strangers.

But, MM has other ideas.

MM is worried about me being in a strange place, no car, and of course, having to make the long journey home, without our little man on my own. So he has a plan. I love my plan man.

His plan is that he takes some time off work and we drive Harry to his new family. We will have our car, Harry is a great little car traveller, so no problems there, and most importantly, I will have MM there to support me and supply me with tissues when we have to say goodbye.

So, now we wait to hear if Harry’s case has gone long term.
We wait to hear if his family is approved, and then we wait to hear if the department will approve us driving Harry to his new home and if they will pay the fuel cost.

Waiting. Waiting. Waiting.


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