Stella’s parting gift to Harry and I

You remember how I said Stella was up all night Saturday night, sick as a dog?
Well, part of me thought it was what she ate that day.
We took the kids out for a treat for lunch…Maccas…before going on to the farm to visit Nana and Papa. Papa couldn’t help himself. Hearing Stella was on her way he went shopping and bought 2 types of ice cream, strawberry milk and biscuits for her. Of course, before dinner, she apparently looked in need of ice cream so everyone had an entrée of ice cream…nice work Papa.

MM just reminds me “What happens at grandma’s stays at grandma’s”. He’s right. These kids need a bit of spoiling, lord knows they’ve had a hard enough time in their little lives. So when Stella was sick, I thought it was too much spoiling from my parents. It turns out, she had a tummy bug, and Monday lunchtime Harry got sick. Monday night, I was up all night with it too. MM must have a cast iron stomach, he’s been fine!

Hindsight says it worked out for the best Stella leaving on Monday. I struggled to look after Harry and myself Tuesday, I can’t imagine how I would have coped with a toddler running around everywhere. In fact, I’m looking at Harry having a little nap and thinking how nice that might be too.

Little miss is always in our thoughts, and it takes all my self control to not call and find out where she is and if she’s ok.

MM reminds me that where ever she is it is a far better place than she came to us from and that from the time she spent with us she got to see what life in a family can be like.


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