Harry Happiness

A week on from saying goodbye to our little man Harry and finally 2 nights of sleeping through and not waking to feed my imaginary baby, I find myself sitting on the couch thinking about the lovely little boy who blessed our home with his presence.

Things we will always think of when we think of Harry.

His big gummy grin. Will I ever get tired of those baby grins? Harry’s was so good to see as he came to us and his bottom lip used to quiver almost non-stop. We found it was something he does when stressed, so to lose that and have it replaced with big grins will always mean the world to us.

His little chuckle when getting tickles. Sometimes he would start giggling just when he new he was going to get tickles. There’s no sound as beautiful as a baby’s little laugh and even more so from a baby that has come to us from a traumatic start in life. To see the healing and hear that sound is truly music to the ears.

My dad singing. Dad doesn’t sing, (and for good reason), but Harry had him singing to him almost every time we went to visit. Little Harry had Pa around his little chubby finger with Kangaroo rides (not Horsey rides) and singing him “my boomerang won’t come back”. Dad’s way of supporting us with our indigenous baby.

His sleep transformation. In 3 short months Harry went from having to fall asleep in my arms and having the bassinet right by my bed so I could sleep with one arm in there in contact with him, to being wrapped and placed awake in his cot in our room where he would fall asleep and sleep for 7 or 8 hours before needing a feed and then going back to sleep for another 4 hours.

Snuggles. Our little snuggle bunny. Harry did love a snuggle and was happy to just be in our arms where ever we were. Regardless of when we tried to eat dinner Harry would want a snuggle. We tried dinner at all different times around Harry’s schedule, but he would always wake up and want to just sit on my lap being part of the family at meal time.

I think back and those colic nights seem a distant memory, and definitely not the first thing I remember when I think of Harry. There are too many happy memories, that those difficult times don’t even pop up.
Wishing our little man the happiest of lives with his forever family. His new mummy and daddy and his 3 big sisters. One little man set to be snuggled all he wants with so many big sisters.


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