Oh Oh Oh

A first experience for us.

I got to call triple zero, the police emergency number to report a missing person.

Trevor ran away on Monday when we went back to school to pick up David. Trevor only goes to school until 10.30 am as they just can’t keep him there, he wanders off, and he has some very difficult behaviours. The biggest issue is he is a little man with no ability to self regulate his emotions and once he gets himself all worked up he just can’t bring himself back down, so he keeps getting worked up until he explodes.

On Monday at home doing worksheets, he must have told me at least half a dozen times that he wanted to  go home to his mum. And each time I replied that as soon as mum has done whatever she has been told she needs to do to make it safe there for you, you can go home. Each time he would storm off in a huff up the stairs and come back a little while later, calm again. Then sure as eggs, he would ask again, get the same response and have the same reaction. By the time we went back to pick up David he had just one thought in his head….seeing mum.

So he did.

I ran and jumped in my car, but it’s his home area and he had a head start and he took a side street and lost me, so I was left with no option but to call the police.

About 30 minutes later his mum had called the department and let them know he was there. The police picked him up and bought him home.

As soon as the police opened the door and let him out, he took off down the road, only to be tackled by a big burly policeman and then marched/half carried back home. Gotta give the kid credit for effort, even if it was a poorly thought out plan.

Soon after Trevor’s social worker and another social worker came to talk to him. They got to see a little man with no self regulation ability lose control at his brother just for being there.

It was such an emotional day for everyone.

Trevor, hell bent on going home to mum. Proof that it doesn’t matter how badly your birth parents treat you, there is a bond that is hard to break.

David, trying to deal with his big brother’s outbursts and not understanding why he want to leave us. In his words “But we’re safe here”.

MM, trying to keep me calm. Reminding me in my tears that Trevor was like this before he came to us. He was already running away, these behaviours came with him.

Me, feeling broken hearted for the pain and confusion Trevor is clearly feeling, and unable to accept the help of others at this stage.

Let’s hope that we don’t have to do many more missing persons reports.

The police were great on the phone, and they got straight out to look for him, but, regardless, I still felt like a failure for him getting away on my watch. But, as I’ve been reminded by the social workers from the department and MM….when these kids get the idea in their head, there’s very little anyone can do.








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