And then there were three

I spoke to soon.
I chatted with David over breakfast on Friday morning to see how he would feel about us taking in a little person (a baby was my thinking) while he stays with us. Someone else who needs a safe place to stay for a while.

Surprisingly he seemed really keen about the idea. “Awesome” I thought, I’ll chat with the agency next week and let them know. Little did I know!

Later in the afternoon the phone rang, with a placement.

A little boy, 3.5 years, and his sister 14 months.

The third little sibling is just 3 months old and they had already placed her within the agency. Could we please take Clyde, the little boy for a week and Bonnie his sister overnight as they had someone who was willing to take her but only from Saturday.

A quick chat to MM on the phone and we would take both for the week.

Imagine David’s surprise when I picked him up from school and let him know later in the afternoon we were going to have not one but 2 new additions.

So, now we have a full house.

Well, our full quota of children we are registered to care for. I have no idea what will happen if Bonnie and Clyde haven’t moved on before the week is out and Kelly is due back for respite.

Actually I know what might happen. An exceed will be applied for, probably granted, and we will have 4 children next weekend. Then our new family car won’t be big enough…should have given more thought to the mini -van!


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