Tiggle Tiggle

Bonnie’s first word.
Tiggle Tiggle.
It took a little bit to work out what she was trying to say, it wasn’t until she grabbed her foot and wiggled her chubby little fingers at her feet that I realised she was saying Tickle Tickle.

When Bonnie arrived she was typically quiet and didn’t say anything.
Now she is comfortable here, she is quite the little chatterbox and has added

Mum mum
Dad dad
Moo (because of the cows at the farm)
Ta and
Bub Bub to her vocabulary.

This age is so exciting. Watching her learn and try new words and sounds.
Not knowing how long her stay with us will be is hard.
So, we’re enjoying the giggles when we do “round and round the garden” and “this little piggy” with her, watching her play with little Raj and play “tiggle tiggle” with his little feet, and watching her learn new things.

Such a joyful little lady to have in our home. Truly a blessing.




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