I’m Back

It’s been a while.

MM has been (not) so subtly encouraging (pushing) me into writing again.

I strated blogging as a sort of therapy for me, and then one day I wrote something that upset someone. It was uintentional. One of those times when you know what you mean to say and someone else reads it differently.

For the hurt I caused I am sorry.

But, as MM reminds me (at least once a week), this blog is for me. My place to debrief. My space to vent. My safe place as I don’t use any of our names and very few people that we know, know about the blog.

So, the time has come for me to get back to it and do I have some stories to tell.



3 thoughts on “I’m Back

  1. Oh I am SO GLAD to see you here again! I loved every one of your blogs and I truly missed reading about your daily adventures, sadness and joy. I agree with your hubs. Your blog is your place to say what you need to say. Anyone who disagrees is welcome to click away and read something that’s more suited to their taste. xox Welcome back 🙂

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