David came back

A little over a year ago we had brothers Trevor and David come into our home.
Trevor just for a week before the department moved him because of his toxic relationship with his brother.
David stayed until the end of the school year and then went to live with a family member.

7weeks ago we got a call. We were on the “don’t call us at the moment list” as I was about to have 2 crazy weeks with work and taking in another child at that time was just not going to work. As it was I wondered how we were going to get through it. The previous 2 years we had little babies (Jade and Harry) and each time we had placed them in respite for the 3 busiest days so I could focus on work, but this year was going to be different. Bonnie and Tyla are very attached and struggle with strangers and I just couldn’t bring myself to put them into respite. It was hard enough with the babies, but, babies are amazingly adabptable, and if their needs are being met, they will generally settle in well. But, Bonnie and Tyla are older, and I just couldn’t send them off to strangers. Maybe it’s I’m very attached and couldn’t cope with sending “my girls” to strangers?

So, the first day of my busy 2 weeks the phone rang and I knew it was important for them to be calling with a placement. It was David. Aunty couldn’t care for him anymore. We’ve always said that if any of the children we’ve cared for needed us again we would do our best to be there for them, so we said yes.

What a crazy time we had. It was the start of school term and we had to enrol him in a school, get uniforms, buy clothes, and organise after school care. We somehow got it done and in a few days he was in his new school and settling in well.

Next, music festival time for me and to try and find out what the plan for Daivd was.

How long were we expecting him to stay?

How was the reunification with his mum progressiing?

Were there any other family memebrs that could/would take him?

The joys of emergency care.

All the unanswered questions, and some of them we never get answers to.