Saturday Morning sleep ins

Do you remember a time BC?
Before Children?

When the promise of a Saturday morning sleep in kept you going through the second half of the week.

Apparently this concept is lost on little Tyla. The last few weeks this little poppet has woken at 4.30 am on a Saturday morning and decided that a bottle just isn’t going to cut it, but she needs a play and a cuddle and then maybe, just maybe she’ll go back to bed.

This morning she passed out again at 5.30 am, and I thought about going back to bed, but odds are that Bonnie would be up at 6 am so was it really worth it?

No. Except, it’s now 6.30 am and still no sound from Bonnie, so I could have had an hours sleep.

What’s funny is that upstairs asleep in the spare room is Kelly and she has the Saturday morning sleep in down pat and somehow, she can sleep through the little ones being up and playing. When I say she can sleep through it, I mean sometime she stays here and by the time she gets up and organised Tyla has been down for her morning nap and up again or sometiems Kelly has brunch when the little ones have lunch, and then they go down for the afternoon naps. It’s so strange having the two extremes at the same time.

I know, one day in the not too distant future the girls will be old enough to get up themselves and play in their room without needing me. So for a while longer I will be the tired mummy having cuddles on the couch because a little person just needs to play at ridiculous o’clock. And right now, I must go because I can hear Bonnie stirring and I need to run interference so she doesn’t wake Tyla back up, and if I can, I’ll get Bonnie to sneak downstairs so MM can have a much earned sleep in this morning, seems silly for both of us to be up early.