Emergency! Emergency!

It was the end of a long weekend, I’d just dropped “Kelly” home after her weekend of respite and was getting ready for a nice relaxing afternoon off before going back to work the next day when the phone rang. It wasn’t a number I was familiar with so I hummed and ahhhed about whether I felt like answering the phone. Ever have those days?

I didn’t pick up, and when the phone stopped ringing my mobile started….clearly someone was determined to talk to me, so I answered. It was someone from our agency, they had a little problem and was wondering if we could help. “Ben” needed somewhere to stay for the night. An emergency, just one night, something had happened, and seeing as “Ben” already knew us could he stay with us for the night. Of course, what on earth could be wrong?

Several phone calls later and we were able to find out little “Ben” was having a bad day. He’d been in the city with his “Jerry” and ‘mum’ shopping for the day and was having a meltdown. So much of a meltdown he was in the police station and mum refused to take him home, thus the emergency bed for the night being needed. Turns out, he was so upset, he’d been punching ‘mum’. Not a good thing to hear, and once this information came to light MM was a bit reluctant for him to come to us seeing as I would be home alone with him for a few hours as MM was working.
We expressed our concerns to the agency, and were reassured that he had settled down in the police station and that if he did start acting up all we had to do was call the 24 hour number and they would come and get him.

The people from the department had talked to “Ben” about coming to our house for a sleepover and he was back to being happy little “Ben” and was excited about it, so a couple of hours later he was dropped off by two people from the agency. “Ben” took one on a guided tour of the house and showed them ‘his’ room and ‘his’ bathroom while the other caught me up on some information about the situation and reassured me that if he got out of control I could just call and someone would come.

Well, our little overnight emergency lasted for a week. Not bad seeing as we weren’t even registered to do emergency care at this stage. Apparently we were given special permission to do it just this once so that “Ben” could be placed with people he knew rather than strangers. The week that he was with us gave the agency and department time to work with ‘mum’ to see if he could go back there once the situation had settled down and when that didn’t work out they found a family member able to take him in. It was nice being able to give people the time to do what they needed to do.

To find out what happened next for “Ben” read Where is he now.


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