Bathtime Blues

“Blake” was back.
It’s been 6 weeks since the little man has been here for respite so we weren’t sure how that was going to go.
Would it be like the last few respites? Happy to arrive, hugs all around, no bed time battles?
Or, would it be starting all over?

Answer, halfway in between.
He got out of the car with no hassles when he arrived, but there were no hugs or even smiles about being here.
Friday night, no real problems with bedtime, other than he wouldn’t clean his teeth, but instead opted to sit and sulk on the floor of his bedroom. Not a fight we’re going to get into with him, so we said goodnight to him, and turned off his light and left him there. It was only a matter of minutes before he plonked himself in bed.

Saturday night was not so smooth.
When it was bathtime, MM announced he was going to run the bath, while “Blake” and I finished a game. Then when it came time to go upstairs for the bath, “Blake” ignored us, head down, and refused to speak or get off the couch. Nothing we can do about that really, not going to drag him upstairs, so we said fine, he didn’t have a bath, he could stay where he was and sleep on the couch, so we turned off the TV and the lounge room lights, said goodnight and left the room. It was only about 30 seconds until he was upstairs (he’s scared of the dark, and the lounge room is VERY dark with no lights on). Half way to where we wanted him to be. But, at that point he ran to his room and chucked a tantrum on his bed. Ok….we can work with that, he’s at least in bed. So, I took his shoes off, wished him a good night and left him to it.

About 15 minutes of him howling the house down, when he was having a lull (yes, like a toddler, he howls, waits a while listening, then start up again) we went in. We had a chat about how we could turn this around to have a successful night so he still got his treat of going out for lunch the next day. We all agreed to forget what had just happened so long as, he went to the toilet, cleaned his teeth, put on his PJ’s and went straight to sleep.
Well, he was 30 minutes on the toilet, then cleaned his teeth (I don’t think they’ve ever been cleaned for as long) and then for 15 minutes we waited for him to put his PJ’s on. At 15 minutes, they still weren’t on, but he was in bed so we said good night and told him that lunch was cancelled for not getting ready for bed. Well….that was it. We hit a nerve. The howling stopped. The screaming started.

Boy has that kid got a set of lungs on him. After 20 minutes of screaming in his room, he moved location. I don’t know if he was actually busy on the toilet, or if it was just because the lounge room is under the bathroom so he thought he would scream in there (I’m sure the acoustics were lovely too).
We let that go on for a while, and when I really couldn’t cope anymore, we went upstairs and asked if he was ok in the bathroom. Screaaaaaaammm. “If you keep screaming I will have to come in there and carry you downstairs and take you to the hospital because you’re obviously really sick” Instant silence. Guess he’s not sick.
Within a couple of minutes our little banshee was out and back in his room, quietly sobbing.

Time for a quiet chat about how we wont come and talk to him while he is screaming as it’s not nice for him to scream at us, and somehow, within 15 minutes, no more tears, the little man was asleep.

Now all we have to do is see if anyone knows what the issue with the bath is.


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