Breathe, just breathe

We try to be fairly patient with the department peoples.
MM is on a committee with them to help improve things, but today…oh lordy! Thank goodness there was no computer around, or this post would have been a WHOLE lot different. I’m sure you could have seen the steam from me ears on your screen as you read.

Well, what happened? Angel (I’m giving our lovely PSW a code name, and it has to be Angel as she is like our guardian Angel, always watching over us) was asking for some confirmation that this weekend is our last weekend with “Blake” so that we could do something special for him and explain to him about what was going on and why he wouldn’t be seeing us anymore. I had also emailed Angel some notes we had written up about “Blake”, behaviours, issues we’d had, how we’d dealt with them, what worked, what didn’t and our thoughts on future respite placements for “Blake” (see the end is nigh).

Angel got back to me by email and there was information in there from “Blake’s” social worker that just made me grumpy. Angel also called me and it seems somehow the social worker thinks WE’RE the ones pulling the plug on “Blake” coming here for respite, and that she was under the impression that we think he’s too hard, too many issues, too difficult. Yes, “Blake” can be hard work, with lots of issues, but, we got into foster care with our eyes wide open, we know that children who’s carers need respite, are not generally sweet little angels, they’re kids with needs, and we’re prepared to step in, even if it means going grey faster!

As the day progressed, Angel also heard from “Blake’s” carers support worker who was also under the assumption we didn’t ‘want’ him anymore. Grrrrrr.
I think people’s ears are painted on!
We never said that. We said that he should have less carers not more and as he already has longer relationships with his current respite carers, that should continue..

Well, wouldn’t you know it. As soon as Angel said, it wasn’t we didn’t want him, they asked what we’re doing in 2 weeks time!?! What the…???

All afternoon, I’ve been telling myself I’m reading too much into the email, but, I can tell you, I was none too pleased that someone is judging me without taking the time to talk with me on the phone, and the way I read the email was that people thought we’re only here to babysit the good kids.

Hell no! We love the challenge.
Do I vent here in blog land? Yep.
Sometimes do the kiddies do our heads in? Yep
Would we change what we do? Not for quids.

All I can say is, thank goodness MM is on that committee. This is a perfect example of poor communications between all the adults providing care for “Blake” and at the end of the day, the only one who really suffers is “Blake”.

Hopefully, now we can move forward and get some better communication happening to help the little man.

It looks like it may not be the end of his time with us after all
So now we have to work out what to say to him seeing as we don’t know what’s going on either.


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