Just horsing around

What an adventure.
“Blake” was really looking forward to horse riding at the farm, after all, he’d done it before….apparently.
Pa had the horses in the house paddock when we went to visit which was just too tempting for “Blake”. As soon as he was out of the car he wanted to race over and pat them. We managed to get him to race inside, say his hello’s and then he raced back out. Guess we weren’t going to get a cup of coffee anytime soon.

It turns out our little “expert” rider has only been on a pony before and as keen as the little man was to get up on a real horse, the experience wasn’t what he was expecting.
It’s a long way up.
Poor little man, so keen and excited, only to get up on the horse and then beg to taken straight back down. It was hard not to laugh.

My niece (Miss 6) was there, and she just loves riding, so she was next up. Laughing and waving as she was lead around the paddock. She went so far as to ask for no seat and no pedals (saddle and stirrups).
Well “Blake” wasn’t going to be out done by a little girl, so to his credit he asked for another go.
Up he went again, and this time, he did a few laps around the paddock. Pa leading the horse and one adult on each side of him as ‘catchers’ in case he fell.

You could tell he wasn’t 100% happy up there, but he stayed up for a while with lots of encouragement from us on the ground. We were really impressed that he got back up. That takes guts. Go “Blake” !!!

Then it was my turn for my second riding lesson. We like to lead by example, so MM was already on a horse and trotting around looking like he’d been doing it for years, and me, well I’m the entertaining one to watch. All can say is Henry….you are an amazing horse and I love you for putting up with my non-existent riding skills.

If watching me get on Henry wasn’t funny enough (We had to find something for me to stand on so I could reach to put my feet in the stirrups) then my dismount was something straight out of spaghetti western or cartoon. The advice from Pa was to quote Buzz Lightyear “fall with style”…not exactly the advice I was looking for.

Step 1 – remove feet from stirrups
Step 2 – lay on horse
Step 3 -swing right leg over horse and slowly turn body so I was laying sideways across the horse (imagine dead body across horse in a western and that was me)
Step fall, I mean 4 – Slide / slither down the side of Henry until my feet hit the ground
Step 5 – Give Henry a HUGE hug for not moving a muscle through this entire process.

If sore muscles are directly proportional to the fun we had….then we had LOTS of fun.


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