More testing….really?

I really thought we were onto something.
Bribery, or as I like to call it… an incentive scheme.
It worked the previous night so why shouldn’t it work again?
Well, that was the theory.
Isn’t it a shame that children aren’t like in a text book?
Have a theory, put it into practice, wave your magic wand and hey presto, problem solved.

In this case, we told “Blake” about the incentive for going to sleep straight away, well before bedtime. Lunch at his favourite takeaway place and time to play in the playground. He was excited, so I foolishly thought we were in for an easy night.

Ba-dummm. Wrong answer.

An hour. Yes, an hour of howling. If it wasn’t so annoying it would be hilariously funny. He howls for a few minutes, stops, listens for our reaction, then starts again.
We checked to make sure he wasn’t in distress, that the little fella was actually ok, and he seemed to be. No actual tears, no runny nose, no red puffy eyes, no blotchy face and when asked, he couldn’t tell us what was wrong.

In 18 months of caring, we have only had 2 other criers, and both had reasons we could understand and help them with. This one is a mystery.

We even tried chatting to him the next day when things were back to normal again.
Maybe we were missing a step in his normal bedtime routine.
Had a last drink and loo trip … check
Bed time story … check
Night light on … check

It is indeed a mystery.


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