Testing Testing

Testing behaviours. Gotta love those don’t you?
It’s always interesting, some kids arrive and they fit in and are awesome, and then you get the testers….always seeing just how far can they push and what they can get out of you.

Well, it’s tester day apparently.

“Blake” is back and despite jumping out of the car to come and give us a hug when he got here (lulled us into a false sense of security, we thought we were going to be in for an easy weekend) the testing behaviour has started as soon as it’s close to bed time.
Sitting on the couch, watching a movie, all good. At “intermission” it’s time to get PJ’s on and get ready for bed. We find this gets them to get ready for bed faster as they want to get back for the movie, and then there’s no reason to dilly dally after the movie. Most kids are happy with this, but, no, we instead got the silent, I’m-asleep-on-the-couch response. That’s ok, we had plans for tomorrow that he was looking forward to, so a simple reminder, non-compliance = no farm trip, was enough to get him off the couch and upstairs.

A few minutes later revealed one little man fully dressed sobbing “crocodile tears” into his pillow, missing his mum and still not getting ready for bed. I went through the “I understand you miss mum, you’ll see her in a couple of days, but now is time to get ready for bed.” No reaction from him, so I gave him a good night kiss and turned the light out and left the room with a parting “shame you didn’t get into your PJ’s, we could have watched the end of the movie.”
That got him moving.

With the time wasted in getting ready for bed, he didn’t get to see the movie all the way to the end (natural consequence) and we went through the same saga when he went to bed….more sobbing, strangely enough, no tears. The first time we went to check on him, we were met with silence when we asked what was wrong, so we just said good night and left. The second time we went to check he did tell us what was wrong. But miraculously he stopped crying once we reminded him if he didn’t get some sleep we couldn’t go horse riding at the farm the next day. I’ve never seen such a fast turn around.
Poor baby…pushing to see what we’ll do, and all that happened was he was going to miss out on fun.

I must say, I find it hard sometimes. Always check with MM, we weren’t too tough were we? It really was put on?

Thank goodness for MM. He keeps me sticking to the training we’ve done, otherwise I’d end up in there telling 37 bedtime stories, getting endless glasses of water and snacks.


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